The Toucan Rescue Ranch was started in 2004 as a rescue centre for toucans and other small birds, but it quickly also started taking in owls and other wildlife. In 2007 they received their first young sloth, Millie, after her arrival the centre transformed from a toucan rescue, to a wildlife rescue, with the aim of rescuing and releasing any animal they can with animals coming from confiscations, as well as sick and injured wildlife. To date they have released various wildlife including many different species of toucans, owls, sloths, and more!

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The Toucan Rescue Ranch has also implemented numerous breeding and release programs for many native species that are in need of help. Currently, they have had success breeding Striped, Pygmy and Mottled owls, as well as Emerald Toucanets with the goal of having breeding programs for all 6 species of toucans. Additionally, they have teamed up with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica to try and develop release programs for their hand raised sloths. Their collaborative efforts are also aiming to further knowledge on sloths through research on both captive and wild populations. Lastly, education has played a huge role in the development of their programs, as they strive to educate tourists, students and local communities by increasing awareness of conservation issues. They also work with park rangers, firemen and police to teach them about identifying important habitat as well as first aid for injured wildlife.

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The Toucan Rescue Ranch is located just 20 minutes from downtown San Jose. There are a few options to visiting and supporting the ranch, you can visit as a guest for one of their scheduled educational tours, have “breakfast or lunch with the babies” which allows you to watch staff feed the baby sloths, take a photographic tour, or have a private ranch tour. There is also a guesthouse located on-site, that are available for rental, with spectacular views. They also run an “adopt the animal” program, with proceeds going back into supporting the animals at the ranch. Or for a longer stay, visitors can look at becoming a volunteer or intern to get hands-on experience in working with their ever-changing collection of animals.

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