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Riding Mountain National Park is located in Manitoba along the top of the Manitoba Escarpment; it therefore sits much higher than the surrounding prairie farmland. The park boasts over 400km of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty and length, so it’s easy to plan out your time in the park. The town of Wasagmaing also has lots of shops, restaurants and interpretative information to give you all you need to make sure you see everything within the park.

One of the many things that attracts people to Riding Mountain is the Clear Lake allowing for the chance to relax in the sun or head out on the water for the day with boats, kayaks or canoes. The park is part of an aquatic invasive species prevention program as they work towards preventing species such as zebra mussels, from entering the waterways in the park through mandatory inspection programs. These types of programs are found within many Parks Canada parks to ensure the maintenance of protected ecosystems. By visiting national parks and learning more about their efforts you are helping protect the environment through monetary support and by educating yourself on conservation issues. As with any visit in nature, make sure you are helping to keep the area clean and keeping your distance from wildlife for your safety and theirs.


There are various camping opportunities available; ‘glamping’ in their oTENTik or cabin options, camping among the crowds, or finding your own bit of nature by going backcountry, you will always find a camping style to suit your needs. With over 230 species of birds observed in the park, as well as 60 mammals, including large populations of black bears and moose, you are almost guaranteed to get many photo-worthy wildlife sightings. Don't forget to search for the ‘red chairs’ within the park to make sure you catch some of the most stunning scenery the park has to offer.

Visit Riding Mountain National Park on the Parks Canada website