The red panda network is a world leader in conservation efforts in Nepal and Bhutan. As their name indicates they are aiming to ensure the survival of Red Pandas, however as these animals are considered an umbrella species, making efforts to protect them will also aid in protection and conservation of other species found in the area. Since 1997, the Red Panda Networks goal has been to use education and empowerment of local communities to conserve the pandas and their habitat. They achieve this through various local outreach programs, community-based research projects, as well as sustainable development goals.



The Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) corridor is home to approximately 25% of the Nepals Red Pandas. While the exact number of red pandas in Asia is unknown, the species is now in trouble due to illegal poaching, habitat destruction, and loss of food sources. The network has realized the importance of educating and involving the local communities to ensure the survival of the species and is working very heavily to achieve that. An eco trip with the Red Panda Network is a great way to not only have an amazing wildlife viewing experience, but to also know you are making a difference, as 80% of the donations receive by the network go directly into supporting their various conservation efforts.


The Red Panda Network offers unforgettable eco trips, in which they will bring you out into the Eastern Himalayas, to trek and search for the elusive and adorable red panda. Along the way, you might also find a range of wildlife including bears, leopards, wolves, macaques and a variety of bird species. The tours offer the chance to truly escape the busy tourist path, by offering you the opportunity to stay in local village home stays, and tea houses, taking advantage of the wonderful hospitality of the region. During your stay you will be able to see first hand how Red Panda Network’s community-based programs are helping, and how your visit is also contributing to the area, and the survival of the Red Panda. There are three trips to choose from, including their Red Panda Eco Trip, the Himalayan Photo Trip, as well as a Eco Zoo Trip, which is meant for zoo employees, volunteers and other conservation professionals. These truly unique conservation trips are a wonderful way to support amazing efforts being done, and have an unforgettable wildlife experience!