Monteverde Night Walk

Monteverde is a small town located in the cloud forest region of Costa Rica, it is well known for some of its adrenalin activities such as ziplining, tarzan swings, quad biking and more. However, there is much more to the area! Exploring the cloud forest can be a great way to catch glimpses of the many bird and insect species, and maybe even some of the more elusive wildlife. However, one thing about the cloud forest is that many of its residents don’t come out until dark. For the opportunity to see spiders, snakes, kinkajous, sloths and more, a night walk is the best choice!

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There are many different tour operators who will take you on this tour, most of them operating out of the same park, using the same trails. The guides do keep in contact with one another, so while you will be walking the trails with your small group of 5-10 people for the majority of time, if there is a big wildlife sighting you may be sharing the space with other groups. When researching your tour operators, look for reviews about the guides, you want to try and book a guide who is knowledgeable, and enthusiastic to get the most out of this experience. Their excitement can be contagious!!

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It is important to keep in mind what this tour entails, as many people go into it with the wrong ideas and leave disappointed that they did not get the experience they wanted. Wildlife is unpredictable and can be difficult to spot at night. Thankfully, the guides of these tours have incredible capabilities of spotting wildlife that most of us would walk right by. Seeing snakes, spiders, and other smaller wildlife is quite normal on these trips, however spotting leopards or other cats is highly unlikely. Also remember to dress appropriately, you will be hiking in the dark on uneven terrain, so proper shoes are a must, you might even have to run to catch a view of that quick moving kinkajou!! Long pants and sleeves are also a good idea, you can bring your own flashlight, or headlamp which is even more convenient, however they will provide you with lights if you don’t have your own! And remember, don’t lean against a tree or touch the plants, you never know what could be lurking there in the dark!!