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Located a few hours from Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia), the Hustai National Park is one of few places where you can see Przewalski horses (Tkhin) in the wild. In addition to the horses, people from all of the world come to see wild deer, gazelles, boar, over 170 species of birds and perhaps catch a glimpse of the more elusive wolves and lynx. The management of the park is geared towards research, conservation and sustainable community development with ecotourism being an important aspect.


As a tourist, you can choose to visit for a day or spend a few days staying at the park with different activities to keep you busy. Multi-day guided tours are available along with hikes, horseback-riding and different cultural experiences. Tourists can opt to travel to local communities to learn about their traditions; for a more immersive option you can choose to stay with community members to learn more about their nomadic countryside lifestyles. For more scientific-based travellers, you can submit a research proposal and work with the their biologists to help discover more about the ecosystem, community and wildlife.

Whether you want to visit for a few days or a few months, the Hustai National Park can offer wonderful wildlife viewing over the vast landscape. The park easily pleases photographers, researchers, hikers and explorers who want to learn more about endangered species and environmental conservation.  

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