A wildlife rescue organisation with three separate centres across Bolivia that are run by veterinarians, volunteers and community members. These centres house various species of animals confiscated form illegal animal trafficking, with primates and large felines being some of their most common species. They are working towards high standards for animal welfare encompassing enrichment programs, nutritional diets, as well as aiming for natural enclosures and social groups where possible. In addition to rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, Inti Wara Yassi participates heavily in education programs focused on conservation of Bolivian biodiversity, with an emphasis on youth programs.

They partner with various organisations around the world, including the Jane Goodall Institute, in order to support their conservation initiatives. When travelling, volunteer opportunities are available at all three of their centres with a minimum stay of two weeks to work with animals. Fees include accommodation and some food, depending on location. This money goes directly into supporting the centre through medical supplies, food and operating costs.

 If volunteering isn’t an option, you can also choose to visit their main center during the day (Parque Machia), however Inti Wara Yassi is not in charge of this portion therefore any fees do not support their center.

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